Why we left New York

And now here I am, in Charlotte, NC, in a tree-lined, tucked-back, a mile away from everything kinda neighborhood. And it’s different. And if I’m being honest, it makes me question every single bone in my body that told me to leave in the first place. But I have to be really, really honest with myself and go down that list of reasons to remind myself, so I figured I’d let you guys in on it, too.

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Living Room Mood Board

If you’ve been following along on Instagram stories, it’s no secret that we’re moving! We just aren’t exactly sure where. But one thing is for certain–we’ll be out of this apartment by September. As soon as we started talking about moving out, I instantly took to Pinterest and started looking at different rooms I’ve pinned, what I liked about them, and what they all had in common. Here’s the mood board I created for my new living room!

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Decisions, decisions

Ahhh…decisions, decisions. Frankie and I are at a big crossroads right now and if I’m being honest, this has been one of the most stressful times of my life.

New York, I love you

When I first moved here I was a complete idiot. I thought I was well-equipped to deal with New York. I thought I knew what to expect because I knew New York. I had felt it in my bones. Her and I had known each other and loved each other in many lifetimes. I was ready. But I had no fucking clue.

9/11 20 Years Later

A few years ago I found a notebook in my dad’s basement. I knew what was in it, but I didn’t want to open it. I saved it for this day, this year, to look back. You’re about to read…

Stay in your lane

After yesterday’s blog post, I got quite a few messages on Instagram about how I stay focused, what makes me so driven, and how I take small steps every day to accomplish my goals. The short answer to that is: I stay in my lane.

31 year old living in NYC obsessed with Diet Coke with lemon, sprinkles, and all things eclectic.

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