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I know I’ve been a little MIA lately but we have been so busy! September 15th was our one year anniversary of living in Charlotte and there have only been a handful of weekends this past year that we didn’t have guests staying with us. We feel so lucky to have so many people love us enough to come visit. BUT, I will say I am exhausted. I think once everyone left Shaun and I slept for about 30 hours straight. Both of us have a crazy work schedule and barely have any down time as it is so we are just focusing now on getting back into the swing of things.

So I decided to do a home office tour because this has been such a requested post. If you know me at all you know I’m obsessed with mirrors, mirrored furniture, mercury glass, and all things that combine those things. I run my business (RockBottom Bail Bond Agency) and write my blog out of this tiny room so I wanted to make sure I created a space for me that feels calm, open, bright, and happy. Our home doesn’t have a designated office space but it is a 3 bedroom house so we decided to use one of the extra rooms as our guest room and one as the home office.

The first thing I did was pick the room with the best natural lighting because, let’s face it, guests don’t live here 24/7 but I practically live in my office.

The lighting in this room looks like this every single day. I have a beautiful view of our backyard and the woods and our bird feeder and bird bath (because I have the soul of a 98 year old woman and I like that kinda stuff). I also put this light fixture in the office because it makes me happy. I don’t like to use it too often though because it gives off the heat of a thousand suns. I changed the light switch out to a dimmer switch but as much as I love the look of an Edison bulb I prefer a soft white light for while I’m doing paperwork. For that reason I put these little lamps on both desks. Shaun is still in school and takes classes online so I knew this office needed to be set up to work for the both of us. I decided to buy these desks and push them together in the center of the room instead of up against the wall because in my opinion it’s more aesthetically pleasing. I prefer the desks without a desk pad but unfortunately these desks aren’t just for show. We use them very frequently so the mirror needs to be protected. I bought these from Ikea and I highly recommend them.

I hung a TV in the office because I love being able to listen to my favorite shows in the background as I work. I bought two of these shelves from Ikea and I spray painted them with this spray paint and covered the top and bottom shelf with this contact paper. I use these shelves in every room that I can.

A rule of thumb for your home office should be to keep it simple. Don’t over-clutter your work space. This is the room you should be most productive in so keep it clear of a lot of personal items. The only spot I put a personal touch on in this room in particular is the top shelf of both of our shelving units. Shaun has a case to hold his special souvenir golf balls that his brother bought him and a few items from the PGA tour in Charlotte. I have a sassy photo of Ri and a drawing from my friend Marissa that she created from a photo of us.

This lateral file is by far my favorite piece of furniture I’ve ever bought. I’ve had my eye on it for over 2 years now but every time I would get ready to buy it, it would be sold out. The top drawer is for small accessories like paperclips, staples, tape, highlighters, etc., the middle drawer is a letter size filing drawer, and he bottom is legal size. My little trinket dishes on top of the filing cabinet are from a local flower shop that the woman had bought for a wedding she had done the flowers for. The skull is just there as a seasonal decoration (from HomeGoods) but I might keep him there because it matches! 😉



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