Christmas 2017 Decor

Hey guys! I am currently on a flight back to Detroit for a business trip and I figured if I don’t post this now I won’t have it up until January so here goes nothin’ 😉

To be honest with you decorating for Christmas isn’t really my thing. I enjoy it because I get to move stuff around but I prefer good ole plain Jane decor (and Halloween, of course). People think I’m crazy for not liking Christmas decor because my favorite day of the year is the day I get to see Polar Express (which is today, by the way)!!!!

This will be the 13th year of Henry Ford IMAX showing the film and my 13th year attending! I’m obsessed. So in the picture above you’ll notice my bell on the velvet pouch and the “ticket” for Polar Express in the little glass case. These were both gifts from my mom and they are two of my most prized possessions. The “Be Merry” box on the shelf below it is just a gift box from Hobby Lobby.

This guy right here is a new favorite of mine. Shaun and I went to Savannah for Thanksgiving weekend and we saw The Nutcracker while we were there. He is a souvenir from the show (and he has black and white stripes)! A guy after my own heart.

This is another gift box from Hobby Lobby. I think they were like $4.99 because they were 50% off and I just love the stripes, polka dots, and of course the gold writing.

So normally for Christmas I decorate with all neutrals but this year I felt like spicing it up. All I did here was stack some colorful coffee table books I already had, threw in a Santa, another Nutcracker, and a reindeer made of pure glitter (Shaun’s absolute favorite). I took the lid off of a ginger jar and stuck some fake Christmas greenery in there and called it a day.

Over in this area I tried to keep it more neutral. I used a lot of blue and white (surprise, surprise) in a few different areas of the house to try and tie in all the craziness going on.

For our tree I kept it simple with white lights. Everyone expected me to do a flocked tree with lots of ribbon and beautiful bulbs. However this is Ri’s tree. We get a real tree every year and it’s Ri’s favorite part of life. He sleeps under it every day/night. Now that’s usually the extent of it but this year he decided to kick it up a notch and start chewing on light strands which caused half of our tree to go dark. One day I caught him swan diving into the tree. That is why I haven’t done anything else to it.

Actual footage of him being naughty but looking cute while doing it. The twig by his foot is one he nibbled off.




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