One of my favorite trends for spring-Peplum tops!

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One of my absolute favorite trends for spring is peplum tops! They are making a huge comeback and now I’m wondering why I donated all of my peplum tops from 5 years ago. This one is under $30 and has such a comfy fit! It is a simple white cotton shirt so I paired it with these lilac Steve Madden pumps and my favorite denim and called it a day.

Funny story, Shaun and I were downtown shooting these photos and all of the photos we took from the front made this look like a maternity shirt because the wind was blowing like crazy. Also the front detail of this shirt is very simple and plain but the details on the back is where it’s at. I was scanning through to see which photos I would use and this is sadly the only good one. I ended up cropping my face out because I was laughing so hard (and not in a cute, magazine cover kinda way). There was a homeless man nearby and he was commenting on my every pose, and at this moment he was like “Girl, you look like you just stepped outta a magazine!” and I lost it.

I took a poll last week on Instagram to see if you guys preferred to have one blog post dedicated to each outfit or to continue just doing the recaps. I got a 50/50 result so I decided to do both. I’m working on getting better with coming up with more content for you guys and making sure I have a few good photos for each post. At the end of each month I will upload a recap post so you can go through and see each outfit with details and links but will also continue to post stuff like this (hopefully with more photos) so you can hear about our lives as well.

The feedback you guys give me really does help me to tailor this blog to be exactly what you guys like to see. I started out doing more home decor posts but ended up getting a million questions about what sweater I was wearing while styling my home so I started gearing this blog more towards fashion. I absolutely love styling outfits just as much as I do my home so I was totally on board with this. Please just remember I’m still only starting out and will get better with time, just as we all do. For now, please enjoy this one very sad photo of this beautiful peplum top and keep me in the loop of what else you’d like to see! 🙂

Peplum top | Denim | PumpsSilver & gold bangle (David Yurman version) | Screw n lock bracelet | Handbag




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