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Shaun and I got engaged in the middle of January and naturally, it was a whirlwind for the following two weeks. We were still kind of in shock that we were truly engaged. We didn’t even discuss wedding plans. I know some people get engaged and the following day they make phone calls to vendors and their bridesmaids and start planning the whole day. Shaun and I decided not to do this so that we could enjoy the time of us being newly engaged. My mind was all over the place and every phone call I made to tell friends and family I got even more excited. However, when it finally came down to the planning part my OCD kicked in. I had a string of emails going to 17 different vendors and wedding planners. I finally decided to order this bridal planner and let me tell you – it’s a game changer.

Bonus: it’s super cute!

It’s a pretty binder full of lined pages for notes, to-do lists with boxes so you can easily check off tasks once they’re completed, and recommended timelines.

And, in true Kate Spade fashion, cute little sayings throughout.

All in all I highly recommend it – to keep your sanity, and it doubles as a cute desk accessory 😉

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