Happy International Women’s Day!

Today I’m taking time to reflect. It is International women’s day which means it’s a day to celebrate how badass we, as women really are. I’m in a beautiful place in my life right now so I wanted to share with you guys a few things I learned along the way.


1) Be happy. I know, I know…that sounds so simple and like a no-brainer but just hear me out. Be happy in everything that you do. Make sure what you spend 40+ hours doing every week makes you truly happy. Be happy in your relationships and not just your romantic relationships. Make sure the friends you have by your side make you laugh, make your bad days good, and make your good days better just by being there. I hope you’re still reading because this is the most important one – be happy with YOU. Every night I ask myself one question. Were you better today than you were yesterday? I try to live my life so that each night I can answer this question with a yes.

2) Don’t make time for it. A long time ago I read somewhere that if it doesn’t make you happy, if it doesn’t make you better, if it doesn’t make you money…don’t make time for it. That really stuck with me because I’m a yes person. I’m a ‘sure I’ll do it’ even though I don’t really have time to do it for you kinda person. I step in to save the day whenever I can. I’m an empathetic person so when my people hurt, I hurt. Whenever I see my friend down I try to take some of the load off and offer up my time and energy where maybe I don’t have the extra time and energy to lend. I’m not telling you to stop doing this because I think this is what makes humans great – we can help one another. However don’t kill yourself in the process of trying to save someone else.

3) Be kind. This seems like such a natural thing but let me tell you, it’s not. People have become so selfish and in such a hurry all the time that most don’t stop to help one another. Most people have become anti-social due to technology so we don’t stop to really speak to anyone anymore. We don’t listen. We don’t compliment. I don’t know if it’s because Shaun and I live in the South but we have been able to witness over the past year and a half just how kind people can be to one another. Southern hospitality is a real thing. If you are interested in being kinder to others, take baby steps. Hold a door open for someone else…yes, even if it means you have to stand there for a second until the person gets to the door. If you see an older person taking their cart back in the grocery store parking lot offer to take it for them. If you love someone’s shirt or shoes or new haircut tell them. Instead of putting your earbuds in during your cab ride try talking to your driver. Be kind. Chances are you will feel instant gratification and you will make the other persons day.

4) Work hard. Work really hard. And when you think you’re working hard enough work even harder. Put your passion and hard work together and no one can deny that. All of the people we know to be the most successful people in the world didn’t get there by mistake. They didn’t fall into fortune and relax on a yacht while collecting paychecks. They skipped the parties, they cut out negative people, most cut out alcohol and/or drugs or anything that could hold them back, and they worked their asses off. My average work day is 17 hours a day and I’m nowhere near where I need to be. Sometimes when I’m really exhausted and I feel like I can’t work any longer I make a 1/2 cup of coffee, put on old school rap, and push myself for another half hour. Don’t make yourself sick by not getting enough sleep and/or mistreating your body, but push yourself to your own limits.

5) Love deeply. This is the most important one so I hope you’re still with me. Love is the most selfless act we have on this planet. Most of the time love hurts us in some way even if only temporarily. Love can be brutal. In fact, it should be. It will be. But, my God it will be worth it. Pour love endlessly into those around you. Don’t hang up the phone without saying those three words. Don’t leave the house without letting your significant other/your kids/your family know you love them. Send your friends cards for no reason. Hug your parents. Love, love, love. Give all you have to love. Put it out into the universe. We are the generation that has the potential to change the way future generations view this world. Why not build one full of love? As women we need to learn to love ourselves. And then love one another. Build other women up, don’t break them down. Empower yourself. Empower others. And do it all with love.








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