Transitioning from winter to spring

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One of the hardest things with this back and forth weather (one day its 75 degrees, the next it’s 45) is to transition my outfits that are meant for spring to fit the weather we’ve been having lately. While getting ready to grab dinner with Shaun and my parents last night I paired these paperbag waist pants with a long sleeve bodysuit and my favorite pink blazer. Blazers are an amazing way to cover up and keep warm while not taking away from the style of your outfit. I just got these shoes in the mail yesterday before we left for dinner so I paired them with this outfit. These are the same as the black mules I talked about all fall and they just released them in white!

Also – I feel like such a dweeb. I had no idea if I was wearing these pants too high or not and I asked my mom if they looked stupid. She gave me the ‘I have to think you’re cute because you’re my daughter’ look because she’s not a huge fan of high-waisted pants. I bought these pants in store so I had never seen how you’re supposed to wear them. When we got home I immediately logged onto the website to see what they looked like on the model and yes, they are supposed to be worn this way. I felt weird because they’re kinda flood-y but I guess fashion doesn’t always make sense.

Sunglasses | Bodysuit (highly recommend!)| Blazer | Pants | Mules ($22!)| Earrings | Lips (the perfect nude!)


The bodysuit that I have linked is the exact one I’m wearing in the photos. I get 99.9% of my bodysuits from this company and I highly recommend them! I linked other beautiful bodysuits in the widget but my personal opinion is that nothing beats the quality of the NW brand. I’m not even an affiliate for this company (I make $0 if you buy from them) – I just super love them!



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