Things to do the morning of your wedding

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I’ve stood up in quite a few weddings and have had the honor of getting ready with the bride on the day of. It’s always a beautiful time but it goes by so quickly that often times little details get forgotten about. I’ve had a few girlfriends get married recently who wanted to share insider tips with me on what to do the morning of the wedding. A couple of these I’ve had on my list for years to make sure I’d remember to do them so I figured I’d share with you guys!

Go for a look that is “you” so when your significant other sees you they recognize you! Sometimes, as women, we get in our own heads and we start thinking we need to be perfect. We do things that we’ve never done before (i.e. hair extensions, eyelash extensions, colored contacts, spray tans, micro-blading, acrylic nails, etc.) Just remember that your person fell in love with YOU! If you spray tan regularly and know the place to go, which shade to get, and you know you won’t have an absolute nightmare on your hands then go for it! If you get your nails done every two weeks…stick to your normal routine. Just don’t get in your head thinking you need to be someone you’re not. He/she is expecting to see you walk down that aisle, not an unrecognizable stranger.

Make sure you buy a new tube of waterproof mascara. I’m saying a new tube because sometimes when mascara gets old it can leave you with dry, itchy, irritated eyes and that’s something you don’t want to capture in all of your wedding photos.

Wear a beautiful nightgown, robe, or combo of both to get ready in. Remember not to wear a bra the morning of or it will leave marks on your back and shoulders from the straps. These marks will likely show in your photos so avoid them if you can. If you’re having people stand up buy them matching robes or the same style in a different color so they can join in on the fun. The photos of you getting ready will be even more stunning with outfits like these.

Have your ring cleaned the morning of your big day. If you can’t get it to the jeweler that day and if you don’t have any cleaning solution with you, try to go the day before and keep it in a safe place until the morning of. This way your ring will be sparkly for all of your photos!

Buy a new perfume for the day of. I have about twelve perfumes that I rotate. In doing so, I’ve come to learn which scents Shaun prefers on me. Knowing this I already have a pretty good idea of which perfume I’ll get for the day of. I want to wear it for the first time on our big day so that every time I wear it after our wedding it will remind me of all of the happy memories. The two perfumes pictured are two of my very favorites. The perfume on the left is Gucci and the perfume on the right is Viktor & Rolf.

Wear jewelry that means something significant to you. For me, these are some of my favorite earrings. In my one ear is the letter “S” and the other is the letter “M”. They are Shaun’s initials. I had these made when we first started dating knowing that this day would come. A girlfriend of mine wore her Grandmother’s ring that was passed down from generation to generation. Always go for sentimental instead of fashionable. You can’t beat that. Similar earrings here, here, and here.

Make a playlist for the morning of with songs that put you in a good mood. Don’t put anything too sentimental on the playlist to avoid crying all morning and getting puffy eyes. For me personally, I’m a crier and I can’t be trusted with any sentimental songs on this day. I would put upbeat songs on the playlist that make you want to dance around with your girls like “Marry you” by Bruno Mars.

Drink plenty of water. Take deep breaths. Stop and take a look around. Take it all in. Know that this day is only here once so enjoy every single second of it. If your flowers show up and they are the wrong color, that’s okay. If you can’t get ahold of the caterer and they are running late, that’s okay. At the end of the day you are marrying the person of your dreams. That’s all that should matter. Don’t let it be about anything but that!




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