Book Review pt II

Time for another book review! I realized I hadn’t done one in almost a year and you guys loved the last one I did so I’m sharing my top reads from this past year.

1) A Stranger in the House

Okay I super loved this book! Like I want to read it again because it was so good. It kept me hooked from page 1 and it was so cleverly written.

2) Bring Me Back

I’m a huge B.A. Paris fan so I read everything she writes. This book took a totally different turn than I thought it was going to but I was pleasantly surprised.

3) The Lying Game

I just finished this one a few weeks ago. I love Ruth Ware and the way she tells a story. It’s super easy to follow and she makes you feel like you’re right there in this world with the characters. I just gave this one to my Aunt and she loved it, too.

4) The Breakdown

Again, I love B.A. Paris. This one had me HOOKED! I just gave this to my mom and she’s reading it now. Can you tell we’re a ‘thriller’ kind of family?! In all seriousness, this was definitely a favorite book of mine!

5) Into the Water

I read this one because it’s by the same author who wrote The Girl on the Train. That book is one of my favorite books of all time so I picked this one up. If I’m being honest it wasn’t my favorite but I love Paula Hawkins’ writing so I feel like it was worth reading. Maybe I only feel it was a little underwhelming because of how amazing The Girl on the Train was.

6) The Husband’s Secret

Liane is another one of my favorite authors. What Alice Forgot and Big Little Lies are two of my all time favorites so I read this one a few months ago. I liked this a lot because I love Liane’s writing but it wasn’t one of my favorites by her. This could just be personal preference but I was waiting for that ‘OMG!’ moment and it never happened for me.

7) The Woman in Cabin 10

OMG! I pulled an (almost) all-nighter to finish this one. My Aunt (who didn’t typically read thrillers at this point) read this one after me and loved it, too. In fact, I think it was this book that fully converted her over to reading thrillers. Read this one for sure!

8) The River at Night

Okay, so if you read my last book review you know I don’t ever read the synopsis for any book. I order all of my books on Amazon so Amazon will recommend books to me based off of what I’ve ordered in the past. This was one of those that was recommended to me and I thought it would be very similar to every other thriller I’ve read but it was waaaaaaay different in the best way possible. I passed this one on to my mom and all of my Aunts read it, too. I was so into this book I thought I was a part of it. This was incredibly written and the suspense kept me interested from paragraph 1.

9) The Dry

This one was a slower read for me. I was reading it this spring and I had a lot going on with wedding planning and improvements we were making around the house. By the time I got to the end of this book I was wondering how I didn’t read it faster. I really enjoyed this one.

10) All the Missing Girls

This was a super quick read for me and definitely one of those page turners that you hope every book will be. I’d never heard of this author before but after reading this one I will be ordering her others because of how much I enjoyed this one.




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Pro Tip: Target price-matches Amazon for books. If you’re out and about and you see a book at Target that you’d like to pick up but you saw it on Amazon for a little bit cheaper just pull up the book on Amazon, show it to the cashier, and they will price match it for you.



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