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Shaun and I went to Vegas back in May. He had been there before with a few friends and I had been there back when I was 10 for my mom and stepdad’s wedding. However, I had never gone as an adult so we planned a quick weekend getaway to Vegas. I have gotten so many questions because you guys all knew I was going on this trip but I never did an update or a travel guide. I wanted to let you guys know the reasoning behind this. I vaguely touched on this via Insta stories while I was in Vegas but I never fully addressed it.

So if you don’t know this about me I get super bad motion sickness after boat rides/car rides, etc. Usually I don’t get sick after a plane ride but landing in Vegas was absolutely terrible and I’ve heard this from a few people. If I get motion sick and we keep moving it makes it extremely worse so I think that’s what happened to me. We took 2 planes, an escalator, a tram, a cab, and an elevator before we got to the room.

Once we got to the hotel room I just wanted to lay down and relax. But, we were in Vegas so we wanted to explore and not waste the trip. I didn’t get a whole lot of rest while we were there so my vertigo kept getting worse and worse and it felt like I was rocking back and forth on a boat the whole time we were walking. After resting for a bit and getting some work done in the room we went to Venetian and walked around and did some shopping. We ate at Black Tap and I got a cotton candy shake which was super yummy.

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Shaun and I always do a walking tour when we visit a new city. If we can’t find a reputable company who offers a walking tour we will rent a car and drive around and explore for ourselves. But, like I said, I was so sick the last thing I wanted to do more of was walking/driving. However, we did have a few things planned before we even went out there. Our favorite thing we did out there was go to The Neon Museum. We visited the Main Boneyard (see photos below) and we knew we wanted to get photos for the blog so I scheduled/paid in advance. You must schedule a tour if you’d like to see it in general but you must schedule a special tour/photoshoot if you’d like to be in the photos. It was a really cool experience. Next time I think we would go at night so we could see the signs all lit up but because we wanted photos of me/us we needed to go at sunset.


We stayed at Bellagio and we got a room with a fountain view. If you ask Shaun what my favorite thing to do in Vegas was he’ll probably tell you it was staring out the window. This view was unreal. We slept with the curtains open every night so I could stare at the lights until I fell asleep. It reminded me a lot of NYC, only quieter somehow.

We got tickets to see Criss Angel at Luxor. Shaun and I are still mind blown from seeing this. I’m not quite sure how he did all the things he was doing. I guess it must really be magic. 🙂 I would definitely recommend seeing some sort of a show while you’re out there. If we were to go again I would plan on seeing quite a few shows.

I didn’t feel like it would be right to do a travel guide on a city that I didn’t get to learn much about. But, since that’s what this kind of turned into make sure to eat the cookies and cream gelato at Bellagio, make sure you stop to watch the fountain show, don’t let the man at Burberry talk you into buying a backpack you have no interest in, and get pizza delivered to the room while your significant other is downstairs gambling. And try not to vomit. (My sickness was from vertigo but I feel like this is solid advice for Vegas.)

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