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So lately I’ve been doing an agenda on my Instagram story to give you guys a sneak peek into my daily life and I’ve had a lot of positive responses. Obviously I just show a little snippet of all of the things I actually have to accomplish so I figured I would go into detail for those who’ve been asking. I am self-employed and own a Bail Bond Agency. On top of that I run this blog and my Instagram 100% by myself. My days are usually scheduled from 8am-2am. I am type A so I have plans for myself days, weeks, sometimes months, ahead of time.


I wake up at 8am and check my phone to see if I have any missed calls/texts for my business. The very first thing I do once I’m up is make my bed. I empty the dishwasher and start a load of laundry if it is Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Those are my empty dishwasher/laundry days. I check in with my employees to see if they need anything from me, then move on to checking my emails. I get ready for the day based off of what my plans are. If I am shooting I will get fully ready with hair, makeup, and clothes. If I am not I get halfway ready and put on gym clothes. I go into my office and turn on the movie ‘Clueless’. Yes, every day. I know every single word to this movie so it doesn’t distract me or make me want to watch but I need background noise. I tested my productivity one week with and without background noise and it helps me drastically. At this time, I do paperwork and make phone calls. I also package up anything I have to mail out/return. I organize new packages to prep them for the upcoming weekend’s shoots and list worn items on Poshmark.


At noon I post on Instagram and spend the next half hour or so responding to comments/DMs. I run any errands I may have (Target, post office, gas station, etc.) and call my brother and/or my mom while I’m on the road to catch up. I eat my first meal of the day at 2pm every day. I do intermittent fasting with my eating hours being from 2pm-10pm. 


I usually take this time to fold laundry, put it away, and tidy up the house. I do a deep clean every Monday at this time but if it’s any other day I just do simple things to make sure there isn’t any clutter and the floors are clean. I head to the gym to get my workout in. After working out on Monday’s I head to the grocery store to shop for the whole week. I make a list on Sunday of what meals I’ll be making for the week and make a list based off of that so I have it ready Monday.


As soon as I get home I unpack my groceries and put everything away. I clean out the refrigerator and pantry of anything that may be expired or unwanted. I do this weekly so that I don’t end up with anything going bad/smelly. I shower for the second time of the day and put on comfy clothes/PJs. I go back on Instagram to interact with anyone else who has commented/DM’d me. I go grab the mail, start to prep dinner, and light my candles. Mentally, lighting my candles is what signals my brain to slow down. While dinner is cooking I take some time to either study Spanish or read my book. Some days if I’ve accomplished more than expected I will watch an episode I have recorded of Grey’s Anatomy or something I like to watch.


I take this time to finish up making dinner. If I am packing a breakfast and/or lunch for Shaun for the next day I use this time to do that.


Shaun usually gets home around 7pm and takes until about 7:30 or so to decompress. He drives in about an hour of traffic to get home so I typically give him this time to just change out of his work clothes and take a breather. Around 8 we’ll spend about a half hour talking about our days, making plans for the upcoming week/month, and just catching up. We eat dinner and watch one of our shows or a movie. I try to limit my screen time during this time unless it is a work or blog matter. If I have a lot of work to do Shaun might play a round or two of his video game at this time. This time of night is usually pretty busy for my other business and I’ll have to take a lot of calls.


We go into the bedroom at this time and I bring my laptop. Shaun falls asleep right away and I work while ‘Friends’ reruns play quietly in the background. If I have a light workload I will read my book for a bit. Otherwise I am up working on blog stuff. Sunday nights, Tuesday nights, and Thursday nights I am up writing blog posts. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am up editing photos.

I definitely don’t get a ton of sleep. Nor do I have a lot of free time to do much of anything else unless it’s planned pretty far in advance. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t possibly sleep if there are things unchecked on my to-do list. I will probably do a separate post at some point with tips for organization and staying on track but this one is already lengthy enough! 🙂

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