Tricks for making your house look more glam

One of my most common questions especially when it comes to my home is how I make it look more glam especially if you’re working on a budget. These are all things I do in my home to get that feel!

White curtains

I highly recommend buying white curtains. I have the same curtains in every room of my house. This makes your house feel uniform instead of like each individual room has its own theme. I put two sets on each window and I hang them all the way to the ceiling. This has the biggest impact of all. It draws your eye up to the ceiling so it makes the room look bigger and brighter. I have these curtains and I highly recommend them. They’re a thicker material so they’re not sheer but they still let plenty of light in. Bonus: they’re affordable! Pro tip: Measure your wall from floor to ceiling. Attach the tieback to the wall or the curtains 1/3 of the way up from the floor for the most glam look.


Fun mirrors are always a good way to make your house look more glam. Mirrors give the illusion that a room is actually larger than it is. Bonus if it’s by a window where some natural light can reflect off of it. If you can’t find an area to put the mirror by natural light candles work as well.

Coffee table books

I use coffee table books to really tie together a color scheme in the room. I also stack stuff on top of them to decorate a specific room/area.

Greenery (real or fake)

I love putting plants in a room to cut into the femininity of the decor. Bonus if you put it in a really cool planter.

Ginger jars

I collect ginger jars because I think they’re so beautiful and every piece is different. Big name designers like Valentino have them flooding their homes. You can find them nowadays at places like Hobby Lobby or HomeGoods so you can definitely get them for a reasonable price. I usually put a few pieces in each room but I’ve been keeping them all together lately and loving how that’s looking.

Metal accents

I love gold. There is just something so rich about it. But I also like to mix my metals. I will have a champagne lamp, a gold coffee table, and a silver mirror all in the same room. I think as long as you do it tastefully and you tie everything together you can definitely get away with it.

Mix textures and patterns

This photo is obviously from my Halloween decor but my living room pretty much always looks something like this. Each season it has a different scheme and color focus but I’m constantly mixing textures and patterns. If you do this tastefully your home will look more glam in no time.

Another tip I try to tell anyone who comes to me for advice is to shop your home first. If you need to style a shelf, go through your home and look at what you’ve got. Move some pieces around. Then actually go out and shop for anything you feel you may be missing. You don’t have to go out and buy all brand new things in order for your house to look amazing. Start by trying these things!

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