I get quite a few questions on a weekly basis and I typically answer everyone directly. However, I noticed I was getting a lot of the same questions so I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to it!

Will you do a makeup tutorial?

For the longest time I would’ve answered this question with a hard no. I was never interested in doing one because I’m not a professional and I really have no clue what I’m doing. I just wing it (not my eyeliner though, not a shot in hell am I winging that). I have gotten this question so many times though so I guess I will say yes, eventually I will.

Should I become a blogger?

Yes. Some people want to blog because they live out of state and they want to keep their family in the loop with what’s going on in their life. I think that’s great. It’ll be a fun hobby and you don’t necessarily have to monetize it if it’s just something you’re doing for fun. Some people want to become a blogger because they want to make a career out of it. I think that’s great. However, if you are a person in scenario #2, make sure you are super passionate about it and want to live and breathe it. But if you want to do something you’re passionate about (blogging or not) the answer is always, yes you should.

What size are you in clothes?

This is tough to answer because I literally have anything from S-L in my closet and pants/dresses from size 6-8. It depends on how I want an item to fit (TTS or oversized) and it depends on the brand. I think you should stop putting so much emphasis on what size an article of clothing may be and instead worry about how you feel when you put it on. If you feel like a million bucks who cares what size is on the tag?! Rip the tag out. 🙂

How do you relax?

Truthfully? I don’t. I was just telling Shaun how I need to be better at this. Last week I must’ve worked 80+ hours and shot multiple times with Shaun. Thursday night I fell asleep at 8:45pm (hasn’t happened since like 1996, seriously) and didn’t wake up until noon on Friday. I slept through multiple alarms because my body just refused to wake up. Shaun was working from home that day and just let me sleep because he knew I needed it. My body literally shut down because I don’t give it enough love. So, how will I start to relax? My plan is to take at least 2 baths a week (actually soak and read my book) and start a skin care routine every night. I would say find something that works for you and do it!

What should I do in New York?

I’ve done two travel guides that you can read here and here. But if you want to know the #1 thing I recommend it’s seeing a Broadway show. There’s nothing like it. I highly recommend Aladdin and School of Rock. I cried during both.

What is the best piece of relationship advice you have?

Have respect for one another above anything else. Don’t raise your voices, don’t name call, don’t walk out. Remember you’re partners in this and you’re on the same team.

What books do you recommend?

You can read my book reviews here. I like all things from romantic young adult to thrillers. Thrillers are definitely my favorite right now.

How do you edit your photos?

I use Lightroom on every single photo. Other apps I may use (on top of Lightroom) from time to time include Tezza, Snapseed, ColorStory, HUJI, Afterlight, and VSCO.

How can I shop your looks?

Any photo I post on Instagram is also posted in my monthly Instagram Recap. Also if you go to the home page of my blog and scroll down you’ll see a widget on the right side (on desktop) that says “Shop My Instagram”. This will show on mobile at the bottom of my blog if you keep scrolling. Find the pic that you want to know the outfit details for, click on it, and you can click on the corresponding items and it’ll take you straight to the page where I purchased it.

How do you make money?

Any time you purchase one of the items I link I get a certain percentage of your purchase. The commission rate differs depending on the retailer. It doesn’t cost you any extra money to purchase something using my link but it helps me out a ton. To explain further, I don’t do this for the money. I do it because I genuinely love it. However, when people are liking my Instagram posts or purchasing items using my links I know what you guys are wanting to see more/less of. This helps me curate good content for you guys. Hope that makes sense. 🙂

If you have any more questions feel free to leave them in the comments, emails me at hello@kylatori.com or DM me on Instagram (@kylatori). This was fun so I may do this more often if you guys enjoy it!

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