I did a FAQs post last month. You guys loved it so I wrote down the questions I’ve been asked most since then and decided to do another one. 🙂

What kind of cat is Ri?

He’s a Maine coon. I rescued him after someone threw him in a dumpster. He’s the biggest lover and angel baby you could ever come across. He greets us at the door and would probably, honestly, try licking an intruder if someone broke in. He has 9 toes on each of his front paws. Anyone who walks in is fair game for cuddling. He doesn’t know how to meow, he just yells and makes crazy noises. Oh, and he sits at the kitchen table while we eat so he can beg for food. I brought him home on 11/11/11 and I truly think he was my saving grace.

How did you meet Shaun?

Shaun went to school with my brother and they were friends. My brother would have him come over and stay with us on weekends and I had the biggest crush on him. He would always do things to make me laugh but it was harmless and innocent. We were babies back then. When we were old enough Shaun took me on a date but he left for the military shortly after that. When he got out of the military he commented on a pic of mine on Instagram to see what I’d been up to. We got to talking, he asked to take me out, and the rest is history. I knew from the second I saw him when he pulled in the driveway to pick me up that I would marry him. As weird as that sounds, I just had this deep-rooted feeling where I knew this was it. I told him two weeks later (like a crazy person) that I knew we’d get married, and he said he had the same feeling (thank God).

Who takes your photos?

Shaun. Our friend Lauren captured this during a quick shoot. Shaun takes almost 100% of my photos. Sometimes if I need a last minute shoot I’ll have my mom do it but it’s very rare.

How do you find time to get ready every day?

I don’t! 9 times out of 10 I look like this. Sweatpants, baggy tee, and my hair up. I shoot once or twice a week on Shaun’s day off. On that day I’ll shoot anywhere from 3-7 looks. I usually change in the car or in a restaurant bathroom. I’ve even changed right on the street when we were shooting in NYC! 🙂

How do you stay so tan?

I used to go to a tanning salon. In fact, my first ever job was at a tanning salon and I loved it. However, both of my parents have had melanoma so I decided not to tan anymore. I would go to a salon that offered VersaSpa or Mystic for the longest time until I found my current routine. I use this once a week and if I need a touchup throughout the week I use this. I’ve tried all different brands and this is the one that works for me. I use Medium in the fall, winter, and spring months and Dark in the summer.

What are three products you can’t live without?

What does your diet consist of?

Honestly I love the Keto diet because it makes me feel better than I’ve ever felt. If I’m not on Keto I’m tracking my macros and I’ll allow myself a treat meal every so often. My go to cheat is pizza and frozen yogurt. 🙂 I also try to keep in mind life is short so I enjoy things in moderation whenever I feel the need to, especially on vacation!

What if designer pieces are out of my budget?

That’s totally fine! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on designer brands to feel put together. I do have a few designer pieces that are very loved and worn. I typically only buy neutral items or accessories that are designer so I can wear them with everything. However, designer dupes are a great option for someone who may not want to splurge. I’m not a huge fan of ‘fake’ items aka cheaply made products that pretend to be Gucci or Louis Vuitton. However, when a brand makes a very good dupe that doesn’t claim to be designer I gravitate towards those items instead of the real deal. For example, these mules that I posted on Wednesday are an exact Gucci dupe. They are $15 and the real Gucci pair is $995! These sunglasses are $10 and they’re an exact dupe for the $420 Yves Saint Laurent pair. I’ll buy the dupe instead of the real deal all day.

Where do you buy your coffee table books from?

I wrote all about my coffee table books in this post. I typically buy them online but I also scavenge for them at HomeGoods any time I go.

What is your zodiac sign?

I’m a Taurus. My birthday is April 22nd. I love love, beauty, loyalty, food, and have a spending habit. I’m practical but stubborn as hell. I’m a very protective friend and my circle of people means the world to me. I like to be romanced, respected, and fed well. 😂

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