Stay in your lane

After yesterday’s blog post, I got quite a few messages on Instagram about how I stay focused, what makes me so driven, and how I take small steps every day to accomplish my goals. The short answer to that is: I stay in my lane.

Like, so in my lane, that I don’t even notice other drivers around me. Years ago I saw a video that changed my life. In short, he said that you won’t accomplish anything until you want it more than you want to breathe. I posted the full video below if you want to watch it.

That’s all I do. I want it. I want it so bad I can almost taste it. I won’t accept not having it. I don’t pay attention to bloggers/influencers/creators who are doing more than me, better than me, etc. because they are not me. They are not on my path, and I am not on theirs.

You also have to tune out the distractions, and for most people, this is the hardest part. When I started my business at 22, I had a lot of pressure from friends to go out to the bar, but I turned down most of their offers, because I knew what the bigger picture was. I could see it. I contribute most of my success to those last nights that I was willing to sacrifice fun for hard work and discipline.

Even now, with my blog, people ask how I do what I do. They think I buy pretty outfits with the money that I pluck from the money tree in my backyard, and then I snap a quick pic, and I’m a millionaire. I wish.

I’ve poured (and continue to pour) every ounce of myself into this – every “free” moment, every “extra” dollar, every bit of passion and heart that I have to offer. I don’t show all of the behind the scenes, because that’s not “the fun stuff”, but it is the foundation of what I do. Anyone who is successful at anything in life is building behind the scenes like you wouldn’t believe. Stay focused. Stay driven. Stay hungry. Stay in your lane.


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