Decisions, decisions

Ahhh…decisions, decisions. Frankie and I are at a big crossroads right now and if I’m being honest, this has been one of the most stressful times of my life. For my first move out of state (Michigan –> South Carolina) everything was handled through a corporation and I didn’t have to lift a finger. For my second move (South Carolina –> NYC) I handled every single thing. Everything happened so seamlessly and felt so easy (still stressful, but easy). I sold a home, sold 2/3 of everything in it, got rid of two cars, found an apartment in New York, scheduled movers and a truck, et voila. And trust me when I say…finding an apartment in New York, getting approved, coming up with money for Guarantors, down payment, security deposit, etc…is not easy. But I did it. There’s just something about this time that’s making it extra difficult.

So let me lay it out for you. Rent is being raised on average between 20%-40% in New York (ours is being raised 40%). When you’re already paying so much just to live (not do any activities whatsoever) it’s hard to justify paying even more. Frankie and I have been thinking about possibly moving down to NC/SC, which would give us *way* more space, and probably an outdoor area.

On one hand, it’s a no brainer. I want to go back to the place where the sun shines year round and the people are nicer and Ballantyne HomeGoods hello????? On the other hand, I want to smell fumes and get cursed out and live here until I die and be cremated and have my body sprinkled in the East River. What? There’s tons of bodies in there, I’m sure. What’s one more?

It’s so hard because nothing will ever be New York. But maybe it’s time to kick myself out of the nest and go prepare to buy another home, possibly some cows, and travel. Who knows? I guess only time will tell. (But like, hopefully time will tell soon because our lease is up September 3rd.)

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  1. Michea_j wrote:

    You’ve got this, babe. It’s so cliché but whatever will be, will be! xo

    Posted 7.16.22 Reply

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