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Comfy PJ’s + Loungewear

It’s getting cold and we just had a crazy snowstorm last night that’s going to last until possibly later this evening. Which means…drumroll please…it’s cozy szn. All I want to do is curl up on the couch in Barefoot Dreams material and watch TV, listen to good music, and read a book. The only thing better than that would be if I had a fireplace.

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My top coat picks of the year

If you’ve been following me for awhile you’ll know that coats are my thaaaaang. I love a good coat. Almost as much as I love mozzarella sticks.

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My favorite fall trends

Part of my job is to stay on top of what’s trending at the moment and to show you guys how to wear it in every day life. Most of the time there are trendy pieces that I just can’t get behind, so I don’t pretend to. If I don’t think it’s a trend worth sharing or trying out I simply won’t. Even some that I think are good we end up photographing and don’t ever use because I change my mind. That being said, I am dying over the Fall 2019 trends. I put together a list of my favorites and budget-friendly options to stay on trend this season.

My favorite band tees

Alright, so you guys know I love a good band tee. Last year when they started to get really popular stores/brands were constantly putting new ones out every other week but they were so pricey. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still have, wear, and love those tees and they are amazing quality. But I totally get not having $70 in the budget for a tee just to keep up with a trend or just to buy a shirt you like. You guys constantly ask where I get my band tees from so I decided to do a roundup of my current faves! I sorted them by price so you guys have a better idea at what you’re looking at. 🙂

N Sale sellout items

After publishing my last blog post about the sale I got a request to do a special post dedicated to the stuff that will sell out first. I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys and put too much in one post so I’m just doing a separate one for the sellouts.

N Sale 2019 try on

Hello, loves. What a week! Yesterday I shopped the sale in store as an Ambassador which was the first year I was able to do that. It was so exciting to get a wristband and to go behind the tape. 😉 Then, this afternoon I shopped the sale online. There were a few things I bought that they didn’t have in store so that was exciting. I have to say this was such a good sale this year. I was impressed by what the sale had last year, but I think I’m just as impressed if not more impressed this year.

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