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Things I bought this week

Hey guys! I’ve had such a busy week and Shaun and I have been preparing for my bestie to come into town. But, I had to do my weekly shopping so Shaun and I can shoot next weekend. I linked everything in the widget below! 🙂

Rompers for spring & summer

One of my favorite items to purchase for the warmer seasons is a romper. It’s actually one of my most frequently asked questions (where I get them from). I linked some of my favorites for the upcoming season in the widget!

Items I purchased this week

I get a lot of questions on a weekly basis. A lot of them are in regards to what I’m buying at the moment/what’s in style. I thought I would make a widget linking all of the items I purchased this week. I want to get this up before I even post my daily pictures just in case something sells out before I can link it!

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