Christmas 2020 Décor

After doing a few question boxes over the past week I’ve come to realize you guys want to see how I’ll be decorating for Christmas, almost more than anything else you want to see from me. You guys are on it! Haha. So, I’ve decided to show you a sneak peak of the vibe I’m going for.

1 Year in New York pt. II

You know that feeling you have as a kid when you see a magic trick for the first time? That confusion and awe, that wonder and excitement, that pure joy? That is New York.

1 Year in New York

New York doesn’t care that you’re scared, young, and unprepared. It doesn’t care that you’re broke. It doesn’t care that sometimes you’ll cry yourself to sleep, or get robbed, or that you won’t know how you’re going to pay the rent. In fact, if New York were a person and it could talk, I’m pretty sure if you told it your feelings, it would tell you to fuck off.

Favorite Amazon Purchases

Hello, loves! I don’t know about you guys but I have been buying more things in quarantine than I’ve ever bought, and for me that’s saying a lot. Some of my favorite items have been my Amazon purchases, so I decided to share those with you today. And good news, everything I’ve linked ships Prime. 🙂

Room refresh

In yesterday’s post I shared my secret with you guys about how I’m keeping sane lately – refreshing the living room! I’ve put together a preview of some of the items I’ve purchased so far. Enjoy!